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              Águeda, city á side river and close to the sea, offers to us to a landscape of tranquilidade and rare beauty. Águeda oferece  to who the visit, all a set of wonderful landscapes as it is the case of the Pateira de Fermentelos,   Fifth of Serém, where if it can disfrutar of a verdejante landscape, Fifth of the Condes of the Borralha, and its bush of bamboos, the great extension of palms and its pretty lake. In the Varanda de Pilatos, the visitor will be able to delight itself with the flaring landscape that mainly in the Spring, in the sample nenúfares to florir among the water mantle tranquilas.

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 Pateira de  Fermentelos       

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Ponte do Alfusqueiro (Préstimo)


Margem do rio Alfusqueiro

Macieira de Alcova

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Ponte romana do Marnel


Ponte sobre o rio Vouga

           Parque natural no Cabeço do Junqueiro (Urgueira)

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